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(Poetic Relief is published under AGPL v3, see LICENSE for details)
Required packages:
* Python 2 (not yet compatible with Python 3)
To Install/Run
* git clone or download the repository
* cd into cloned directory
* virtualenv poe (to create a new evironment)
* source poe/bin/activate to activate the new environment
* pip install -r requirements.txt to install the necessary python packages
* Download the databased (cleaned up) as used in production, and put it into the subdirectory poerelief
* The code is a bit unorganized, but running python in the subdirectory poerelief should start the main app
* Poerelief 0.1.4
- cleaned up database!ss1giCDI!obppI2RnUC36lEl2DOuqck8Oig3o6XUWsYyyurXjuMM (to remove square brackets and records that were missing crucial fields)
- better url replacement
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- proper db access with sqlalchemy orm
* Poerelief 0.1
- initial version/commit
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- initial version/commit
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