Commit fe38e0e8 authored by fuzzle's avatar fuzzle
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this should do the trick : first number is actual than the API Date will slightly overwritten

with sed -i s/@newdate@/$(date +%Y-%m-%dT%T%Z)/g ${}
parent 76f13bbc
......@@ -39,7 +39,7 @@ if [ $newnumber -ge 100 -a $newnumber -le 10000 ];
# for timestamp update
# TODO expansion to end-of-line in origin-expression is missing
sed -e s/@newdate@/$(date +%Y-%m-%dT%T%Z)/g $apilocation > ${}
sed -i s/@newdate@/$(date +%Y-%m-%dT%T%Z)/g ${}
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