Commit d841866f authored by Birger's avatar Birger
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Merge branch 'remove_mapquest' into 'master'

Remove MapQuest provider as it is no longer free

See merge request !33
parents 35d59e63 79dd70cf
......@@ -43,15 +43,6 @@
"mapLayers": [
{ "name": "MapQuest",
"url": "https://otile{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.jpg",
"config": {
"subdomains": "1234",
"type": "osm",
"attribution": "Tiles &copy; <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">MapQuest</a>, Data CC-BY-SA OpenStreetMap",
"maxZoom": 18
{ "name": "arcgisonline",
"url": "{z}/{y}/{x}",
"config": {
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